I take pictures of people, and things.
Born and bred in bonnie Scotland.
my aim is to make your photo session fun and interesting, fun to keep the bairns engaged, interesting to keep the adults involved. Family photography is all about sharing memories, the best time to do it is now. To book or discuss your portrait session please either call me on 07597 754 504 or email me here

frequently asked questions

The Xperience Group ~ Who are we?

Professional Portrait Photographers ~ The Xperience Group are an independent collection of professional portrait photographers based in the UK & Ireland, specialising in a variety of photography subjects but with one goal - The Perfect Photography Xperience for all.

preparing for a shoot

think of your photoshoot as a collaboration between yourself and your photographer, think about what you want to achieve, think about who needs to be there, and how people interact together

what should we wear?

something that you're comfortable with - this is especially important for children, something that suits you, something that works in conjunction with what others in the photoshoot will wear. For a family shoot you might not want everyone to wear the same outfit, but they should complement one and other. Plain colours work better than mixes, pastels tend to work better than bright colours.

can we bring pets?

yes, depending on the type of photoshoot, pets can be featured. Maybe less relevant to baby face type shoots, but ......

do we need props?

If you want to bring props, you are welcome to. Think about what is important to the sitter, especially children and more especially to babies

how long do photoshoots take?

A baby face photoshoot will take about 20-30 mins, but as babies are sometimes not predictable, they can take longer. Family session tend to take from an hour to two hours. But, depends on how many people are in the family group. Adults tend to co-operate better than children - but not always.

when will we see the photographs?

About a week after your photoshoot, at your viewing session, depending on availability and your timetable.

What else is involved?

Normally a photo session begins with a bit of familiarising, this can be especially useful for younger children. At the end of your photoshoot, we’ll schedule a viewing session, this will take place about a week after your photo session. A viewing session lasts about an hour, will involve looking at your photographs via projected images or large screen TV, where you can pick your favourites and complete an order. Finished products are usually available within two to eight weeks, this depends on Lab timescales and local and public holidays. Full details will be provided at your viewing session.

how much do photographs cost?

Prices start from £75 for a desktop framed print, packages start from £150, wall art starts from £180. More details can be found on the relevant price lists.

where are you based?

I'm based in Musselburgh, East Lothian. But I travel extensively, tend to cover East Lothian; Midlothian; Edinburgh; parts of West Lothian and South Fife. But can travel further afield ....

is there a minimum spend, do we need to buy all the photographs?

No there is no minimum spend, in fact you don't need to buy anything. I hope that if I do my job correctly you will buy, but there is never any pressure to buy anything.

can we buy digital files?

Yes, absolutely. Digitals are available as part of a package, as an app or as a download. More details can be found on the relevant price lists.

what if we don't like the photographs

While I will be disappointed if you don’t like any of your images, I would be happy to arrange to reshoot your session, or if you prefer, I will refund any session charge. I want clients to be happy with the experience and their images. I do what I can to make sure people are happy.

any other questions?

Please get in touch, either by emailing me here or phone me on 07597 754 504.

Musselburgh, East Lothian. Scotland. 07597 754504